September 22, 2017

For the past couple of years, I've been serving on the board of the International Skiing History Association. Our most recent annual meeting was in Aspen, Colorado this past April. Simply put, Aspen is awesome.

Plenty of snow, lots of terrific terrain and lots of great people. I was happy to run into Dan and Marlise Fry, Klaus Obermeyer and Bob Beattie - all old friends of The Tweed. A big plus for me was that my brother, David Beitzel, joined me for three stellar days of sun, snow and friends. We primarily skied Ajax and Snowmass - No crowds! Conditions on the groomers were perfect for my carving skis. Each night the snowcats worked their magic and by mid-morning the corduroy was spectacular.

I also made sure to set aside time to walk around the town of Aspen (along with everybody else!). I couldn't stay out of Gorsuch, what a hallmark shop (and location)! I hope H&T can be considered the Gorsuch of the East. Also had the chance to visit with Lee Keating & Tom Bowers at their shop, Performance Ski Shop - cannot go wrong there either!

All in all, every time I'm in Aspen it's like a trip back in time. A classy resort with real terrain, for real skiers. Just seems to get better and better.

- Skip

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