2016 Lange SX 70 Womens Ski Boots

The Lange SX 70W is a great boot for the solid intermediate skier to the advanced skier that has a medium to narrow forefoot, and medium to narrow leg shape. Lange's Natural Stance is fairly upright that makes it very easy for you to control modern skis that have rocker and large sidecuts without fatiguing too easily. The Polyether Shell keeps a consistent flex, even on colder days by not transmitting the temperature through the plastic very easily. The SX 70 has the Control Fit Liner with Thinsulate insulation to improve your warmth on the mountain. The Control Fit Liner also has a Instep Pocket that allows your blood to flow easier to your toes keeping you warmer, anatomically correct padding in the heel and ankle pocket will keep your heels locked in place, and a Seamless Toe Box will keep your toes comfortable. The 35mm Power Strap on the SX 70 will improve the amount of leverage it takes for you to bend and flex the boot, and keep a snug wrap across you shins. If you are an intermediate to advanced skier looking for a simple look, and a medium to narrow forefoot, the Lange SX 70W will make a great fit for you.

- Best Fits a Medium to Narrow Forefoot, and Medium to - - Narrow Leg Shape

- Natural Stance

- Control Fit Liner

- Thinsulate Insulation

- Polyether Shell

- 35mm Power Strap

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