2016 Marker Race Xcell 12 Binding

The Xcell 12.0 was the most innovative racing binding to hit the market in many years, with toe and heel technologies that focus on increased power transmission.

Race Xcell Toe

- Xcell Piston absorbs short, initial impacts - Boot stays centered - New horizontal spring orientation - Increased elasticity and retention - Incredible power transmission - Greater precision and control

Race Xcell Heel

- Increased vertical energy absorption

- 16 mm elastic travel

- Increased boot lug purchase

- Wider heel connection

- Greater power transmission

DIN range 4 - 12

Recom. Skier's Weight65-250 lbs

Height w/o ski 18 mm

Brake Width 85mm

Toe System Xcell Toe

Gliding AFD Stainless Steel

Step-in heel Twincam X

EPS system Yes

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