2016 Nordica Cruise 75 Womens Ski Boots


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The Nordica Cruise 75 W makes a great boot for the intermediate to advanced skier who has a wider forefoot and wider shaft of the leg. The ACP (Adjustable Cuff Profile) easily adapts from a narrower to wider cuff by making a simple turn of an allen wrench in the back cuff of the boot. Nordica uses the NFS (Natural Foot Stance) that has a natural feel to it by having the toes slightly pointed outward, for added comfort for you, and quicker, easier energy transfer from edge to edge on your skis. The ServoLock Buckles on the Cruise 75 W have an additional lever on them to help you close the boot tighter, and effortlessly when its time to hit the mountain. The Womens specific PFP Comfort Fit Liner has a lower cuff to accommodate the shorter, fuller leg shape of women. The forefoot has more taper to it and a narrower heel to keep your foot more secure, and comfortable in the boot. A flex rating of 75 will give you plenty of power behind your turns, and will keep you stable at slow to medium speeds. The Cruise Shell best fits ladies who have a medium to wide forefoot and medium to wide shaft of the leg. If you want a boot that will be comfortable for your wider feet, and still give you the performance you want for cruising down the mountain, the Nordica Cruise 75 W will be a great choice for you.

NFS (Natural Foot Stance)

ACP (Adjustable Cuff Profile)

PFP Comfort Womens Fit Liner

Aluminum ServoLock Buckles

Best Fits a Medium to Wide Forefoot and Shaft of the Leg

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