2017 Marker Jester Bindings

From its very beginning the Marker Jester has ruled the mountain. The new Jester 16 ID continues that dominance, from the highest peaks and steepest lines all the way to the park and pipe. With the addition of SOLE.ID, the Jester is even more versatile, with the ability to accommodate both Alpine and Alpine Touring ski boot norms. All Marker Royal Family bindings feature Power Width Design, our signature toe and heel designs that make your skis perform at their best – so you can rule with confidence.

ART. No. 7624Q1.JA(90mm)/7624Q1.JB(110mm)/7624Q1.JC(136mm)

Boot Sole CompatabilityISO 5355 (Alpine) & ISO 9523 (AT)

DIN Range6.0 – 16.0

Recom. Skier's Weight130+ lbs.

Stand Height w/o Ski22 mm

Toe SystemTriple Pivot Elite

Gliding AFDStainless Steel, Height Adjustable

Step-In HeelInter Pivot

Color CombinationsBlack

Weight (Pair)1990 g (90), 2000 g (110), 2010 g (136)

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