2018 Blizzard Quattro 7.3 Ski

The perfect tool for the aspiring carvaholic, the Blizzard Quattro 7.3 delivers a lightweight yet stable level of performance never before seen at this price. These will have you dreaming of wide-open trails and virgin corduroy. Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt, you know you’re a carvaholic. Feed that addiction with the all new Blizzard Quattro 7.3.



Suspension IQ System

6mm Tip & Tail Rocker

Construction: Sandwich Composite Sidewall; Wood

Binding: IQ TP10

Lengths cm. (Radius m.):153 (11.0), 160 (12.0), 167 (13.0), 174 (14.5)

Sidecut:;120-73-104 mm (174cm)


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