Amundsen Field Womens Fleece


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This fleece overshirt is constructed with the best materials we could find: A combination of Merino wool from Pontetorto, Italy, and fleece with brushed waxed cotton canvass from Halley Stevensons, Scotland. The combination of wool, fleece, and canvas protection make this piece super comfortable while able to face the elements. Knitted cuffs and collar add extra comfort on those crisp autumn mornings. The Field Fleece has become one of our favorites and never fails us year after year.

› Wool fleece from Pontetorto, Italy
› Waxed Cotton canvass from Halley Stevensons, Scotland
› Amundsen Press buttons from Cobrax, Switzerland
› Knitted elements in Merino wool.
› Hand warmer pockets

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