Leki Worldcup Lite SL 3D Ski Poles


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Every gate will give in to the 16 mm poles made of high-strength aluminum. The Airfoil design ensures optimal aerodynamics. In addition to this is the newly developed Trigger 3D Slalom grip. The new Trigger 3D System offers more control through a direct connection between the gloves and poles. In addition, the ease of use has been improved for quick, simple click in and out and a larger release range through an innovative, three-dimensional triggering in which the triggering spectrum has been expanded four times.


Series Junior
Worldcup Race
Construction Fixed length
Grip Trigger 3D (Slalom)
Adapter Trigger 3D Cap
Strap Trigger (Vario)
Tube diameter 16 mm
Shaft material Aluminium (HTS 6.5)
Basket Alpine (Racing)
Tip Flex Tip (Worldcup)
Extra Trigger 3D Stöcke
Length / Size 90 - 120 cm in 5 cm Schritten
Weight 234 g / Unit bei einer Länge von 105 cm

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