Leki Carbon 14 3D Ski Poles


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The CARBON 14 3D is built for speed. A super lightweight yet extremely rigid shaft made of 100% pure carbon for low swing weight and precision pole plants. Featuring the all NEW Trigger 3D SL grip. A proven race grip with an innovative multi-directional release mechanism that expands the release range for greater confidence and security. With the Cobra basket to round out this high performance pole.

Trigger 3D SL
Trigger 3D Frame Strap Mesh
Cobra Basket
Carbide Flex Tip (Alpine)
Series Unisex
Construction Fixed length
Grip Trigger 3D SL
Adapter Adapter Cap
Strap Trigger 3D Frame Strap Mesh
Segments 1-piece
Shaft Diameter 14 mm
Shaft Material Carbon
Basket Cobra
Tip Carbide Flex Tip
Length/Size 110 cm - 135 cm (in 5 cm steps)
Weight/pole 235 grams / pole at a length of 120 cm

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