POC Skull Orbic X Helmet

The high-performance POC Skull Orbic X Race Helmet will help keep your head protected when you're at high speeds and hitting gates. The PC/ABS Shell and Multi-Impact EPP Liner was made with increased thickness in the front in order to maximize its protectiveness. Inside the helmet sis a comfortable LD Foam Lining which can easily be removed when it comes time wash it. This helmet was also designed with ear chambers which will makes it so there is less effecting of your balance and hearing. A fixed goggle clip will keep the goggles secure so you don't have to focus on anything but the race. At just a little over a pound, the POC Skull Orbic X Race Helmet is lightweight and will keep you protected without sacrificing comfort.

- LD Foam Lining

- Ear Chambers

- Fixed Goggle Clip

- FIS Certified for the 2015 Season

- Compatible with the POC Maxilla Orbic Chin Guard Only

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