Tangle-Free Hand Woven Earbuds (USA)

The Star Spangled earbuds come in custom Baja pouches handcrafted in Los Angeles by Vaalbara Designs.

The SunnyLion is an active, beach lifestyle, brand inspired by the freestyle exuberance of California surf culture. With each pair of tangle-free earbuds, The SunnyLion delivers bold colors, artisanal handcrafting, and the spirit of the beach to any situation, destination, or vibration.

All earbuds and are handwoven in the Los Angeles area by freelance weavers–including many mothers–who are able to earn additional income in their own time without leaving their family homes.

The SunnyLion has developed their own wooden earbuds ensuring supreme sound with rugged durability. Most of the earbud housing weight sits firmly inside your ear cutting off all external noise and driving sound deep within the canal. Each pair comes with three different sized rubber tops to fit all ear types

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