Roland Pine Single Wick Soy Candle

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Notes: Siberian Fir, Pine & Cilantro
We wanted to take Roland Pine to another level with our Lumiere collection. Gorgeous, festive vessels—silver and shimmering—come packaged in beautifully embossed matching silver boxes. This is Roland chic! 


Our super-popular Roland Pine perfumed soy candle provides complete relaxation for your busy mind and body. Luxuriate in the breezily bold fragrance of Siberian Fir, Pine & Cilantro for up to 38 hours, allowing its bold, piney scent to transport you to a faraway place. Named after a Harriman family member, this NY-inspired candle comes in a gorgeous mercury glass–like holder, and a beautifully embossed box with a mirrorlike finish, bringing a kiss of elegance to any room. So wind down and rest in the glow of this perfumed soy beauty. You deserve it. 

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